UX, UI / Visual Design, Front End Development


A high level process overview for designing features.



Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision, Axure, Balsamiq, Frontify, Marketo, SiteFinity, WebStorm, Sublime, FontAwesome, Bootstrap


UX, UI / Visual Design, IxD, Responsive Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, User Flows, User Persona's, User Stories, HTML5, CSS3


  • Avalara (Tax Automation)
  • www.avalara.com
  • August 2017 - Current (Contract)
  • UX / UI Designer

  • • Collaborate with designers, developers, business analysts, product managers, project managers, data analysts.
  • • Port content over from Wordpress site to Adobe Experience Manager.
  • • Identify page components, update documentation, propose design changes to existing components and identify new components.
  • • QA pages and file epic amounts of bugs using Jira.

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  • Pyramid Analytics (Business Intelligence - Startup)
  • www.pyramidanalytics.com
  • February 2016 - May 2017
  • UX / UI Designer

  • • Collaborating with Marketing teams worldwide, I design collateral for websites, campaigns, ads, social media and print.
  • • Send overflow design work to agencies and oversee.
  • • Create and manage styleguide, manage and improve brand, asset management.
  • • Design wireframes, user flows, visual design comps that meet business requirements and get stakeholder buy-in.
  • • Collaborate with and art direct other designers on major website redesign. Work closely with development agency on a pixel perfect implementation, animations, responsive behavior.
  • • Increased non-branded landing page converstion rates from 1%-9% by cutting content, improving page design and form UX.

"Being a developer, I’ve worked with making the design visions of quite a few designers come to life. What makes Todd stand apart and puts him at the top of the list are many. These qualities include an uncanny ability to conceptualize aesthetically superior designs out of thin air, to fully comprehend the development/technical implications of his designs, to maintain an agile design approach accommodating technical needs, to be able to instinctively think through all the UX implications of his designs, to be able to quickly execute exacting comps and provide all needed assets for development, just to name a few. Moreover, Todd has a great presentation style and an easy-going demeanor, which makes him a pleasure to work with, as he easily shifts between the responsibilities of working with developers, managers and stakeholders alike. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with Todd again in the future."

- Michael Duddles (Senior Front-End Developer - Via LinkedIn Profile)

"Todd is a brilliant designer. He's able to take concepts, from specific to broad, and quickly turn them into aesthetically pleasing designs. Often times, he was able to deliver the required assets ahead of time, which really expedited projects. Not only does Todd have an exceptionally keen eye for detail, he's easy to work with, has a can do attitude, and really makes working fun. I can't recommend Todd enough for any position."

- Brett Niemann (Marketing Operations Manager - Via LinkedIn Profile)

"Todd is both an excellent designer and collaborator. I had the pleasure of working with Todd as he was responsible for all design work globally across my team - every event, email, landing page, etc. In addition, he drove image selection and the design approach to launch a new website and was heavily involved in branding. I strongly recommend Todd from a design standpoint, but also, from his "team player" approach and flexibility to adapt and meet the business needs."

- Chandra DuFrene (Senior Vice President - Global Marketing - Via LinkedIn Profile)

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  • Bonanza (eCommerce - Startup)
  • www.bonanza.com
  • September 2015 - January 2016 (Contract)
  • UX / UI Designer

  • • Design site features for web and mobile app by collaborating with the CEO, design director, development, marketing, analytics & market research.
  • • Design wireframes, user flows, visual design comps, handoff to development and oversee implementation.

"I really enjoyed working with Todd at Bonanza. He's a talented designer with versatile skill set and an all-around great guy to work with. After starting at Bonanza, Todd fearlessly jumped into several major projects and immediately made a big impact. He developed great ideas for refining major parts of the website and app, while also working hard to then bring them to life.

In addition to his design skills and work ethic, what really struck me about Todd was his superb ability to collaborate with the entire team. When starting a project, Todd was always sure to involve stakeholders from different teams, asking great questions to get to the root of the problem he was solving. He was really great about giving and receiving design feedback, which made for a great partnership between the two of us. He was also great about partnering with the development team, ensuring the goals and details of each project were well-communicated."

- James Spence (Design Director - Via LinkedIn)

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  • Tate's List (Food & Beverage Networking Startup)
  • May 2014 - August 2015
  • UX / UI Designer

  • • Collaborating with executive level management, development, marketing and sales teams I help create feature requirements, wireframes, user flows, user personas, site maps, visual design comps & front-end code site features.
  • • Interpret user feedback, market research, heuristic evaluations.

"As our lead designer, Todd was responsible for user experience and design implementation at TatesList.com. Todd brought great attention to detail to a role that was often ambiguous and unsettled, and was able to bring concept to reality in a short amount of time while remaining adept and flexible."

- Jeff Rodenburg (CTO - Tate's List - Via Hired.com Profile)

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  • Indigo Slate (Technology & Design Agency)
  • June 2011 - May 2014
  • Interaction Designer

  • • Collaborating with designers, developers, project managers, executive level management and clients I create user flows, user persona s, wireframes, and visual comps for web, mobile and tablets that meet business requirements and get client sign-off.
  • • Hand off designs to dev team and oversee or code my designs in HTML5/CSS3.
  • • Clients list: Microsoft, Google, Boeing, Annai Systems, Polycom, +More.

"Through the turmoil of the Boeing MADF project Todd has been doing an excellent job working with the client to work out the user experience. Several times I have heard from our Boeing clients that Todd is a joy to work with and has helped them guide their thoughts into working requirements. Todd is a steady and calming influence on the team and sets a fine example with his strong work ethic. He is a real team player."

- Jim Skeel (Project Manager - Via LinkedIn)

  • Microsoft Xbox
  • May 2008 - June 2011
  • XUI Animation & Design - Living Room Experience Design / Dev Team

  • • Learning the Microsoft XUI Tool (Similar to Flash), working closely with the design and development teams I prototype for and implement the new Xbox Dashboard.
  • • Train new Team Members in the XUI Tool, processes and best practices.

  • The Cobalt Group
  • May 2007 - May 2008
  • Web Builder - Implementation and Fulfillment Services

  • • Build, update and activate websites for car dealerships according to Cobalt standards and dealers specific order. Create new and edit existing graphics and flash movies.


  • Bellevue College
  • 2004 - 2006
  • A.A Digital Design & Animation