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Tate's List


UX, UI / Visual Design, Front-End Development

Additional Skills Used

Competitor Analysis, User Personas, User Feedback Analysis, Assist with User Testing & Research, Project Management, Monetization

What Are We Solving?

The food and beverage industry is not up to date on technology. Communication is all done with in-person appearances and phone calls. At Tate's List the goal was to bridge the gap and make communications much easier utilizing a web-based platform.

How We Do It

Tate's List was built with employees from the food and beverage industry so we had a built in user group. Everyday was a brainstorm session with different people about our feature sets and how to improve them.


Creating this platform posed several challenges as nothing like this had been done before. Getting our users to break their habits and use the platform was more difficult than we expected. Additionaly, some of our user base were not tech savvy so using our features was challenging. A creative team of 2 (me and back-end engineer) was not enough hands to push our feature sets live fast enough.

Take Aways

Making UI/UX as simple as possible. Listening to our users' needs and user testing.


We built a network for bars, restaurants, food purveyors, beverage producers and service vendors to connect directly with each other. The features and services we provided worked. We built 15 different features in a little over a years time.

Responsive Design

All Features are designed using 4 different viewports to support screensizes ranging from mobile to desktop.

< 768px Mobile   |   > 768px Tablets   |   992px Laptops   |   > 120px Desktops

Homepage Signed Out

Tate's List is a network for the Bar & Restaurant Industry.

Homepage Signed In (Activity Feed), 1st time visit

The dark gray call out boxes announce key functionality of the application to help train users. We discovered that we are introducing a "Social Activity Feed" to many users in our user base.

On the Activity Feed Bars, Restaurants & Service Providers can communicate with the network, similar to Linked In or Facebook.

My Vendors (V1, work in progress)

Manage vendors and discover new ones. Record information such as rep contact and notes on each vendor.

Vendor Directory (V1, work in progress)

Search or browse for vendors in our database.

Profiles (Edit View)

Each Bar, Restaurant and Service Provider receives a profile. This is where venues create classified ads and tell the network about their services.


Bars & Restaurants purchase local products from farmers and beverage producers.

Check Out

Guide users through purchasing from the Marketplace.

Sign Up Flow Wireframes (V2)

Seamlessly guide users through the sign up process & collect important user data per business requirements.

Sign Up Flow Comps (V2)

Seamlessly guide users through the sign up process & collect important user data per business requirements.

Site Map

Android Mobile App (V1 Work in progress)

Bars & Restaurants manage schedules and vendors by way of calendars, in app messaging and vendor lists.

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Full Feature Set: