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UX, UI / Visual Design

Additional Skills Used

Competitor Analysis, Analytics Analysis, Project Management

What Are We Solving?

Providing small businesses a webstore and place to sell online as an alternative to Amazon, Etsy & Shopify


In a non-collaborative work environment and dev shop gathering project requirements and understanding project goals proved to be a challenge.

I initiated project kick-off meetings, touch points and reviews with various stakeholders and developers to ensure design projects were a success.


Redesigned Bonanza's sellers mobile app, built a Help Center for users to get answers to thier own questions without contacting Bonanza's support group and designed a Web Store marketplace where users can see existing Web Stores and themes.

Responsive Design

All Features are designed using 4 different viewports to support screensizes ranging from mobile to desktop.

< 768px Mobile   |   > 768px Tablets   |   992px Laptops   |   > 120px Desktops

Affilates Landing Page

Shows the benefits of becoming an affiliate.

Mobile App Landing Page

Shows the benefits to using the mobile App.

Webstore Homepage

Bonanza has different Webstore themes for users to choose from.

Support Center

Design a Support Center for users to easily find solutions to their problems without having to contact support team.

Mobile App

A visual styles update to the seller app to match the new Bonanza styleguide

Where To Sell Online

Homepage Redesign

Booth Signup

Redesign booth signup flow to increase conversion rates from free trial to paying customer