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UX, UI / Visual Design

Additional Skills Used

Competitor Analysis, Analytics Analysis


  • Learning Avalara's new CMS system "Adobe Experience Manager" with no formal training.
  • Porting content over from WordPress pages into new AEM pages using new components on the new CMS which at the beginning did not have any design standards in place.
  • Going by a styleguide that was up to date but not very good. For instance the styleguide did not take into account different component scenarios such as a "hero headline should use no more then 25 characters".


  • Taking the Atomic Design approach I helped identify all website components and propose new designs/enhancements.
  • Design new components to replace the old.
  • Help port content over from 3 different websites into the new CMS.

Card Component

Horizontal Cards

Vertical Cards


Testimonial Component

Solid background color

Gradient background color

Background image

Angled and background image


Banner Component

Background color

Gradient background color

Background image

Background pattern