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Pyramid Analytics


UX, UI / Visual Design, Print Design, Brand Management

Additional Skills Used

Competitor Analysis, Analytics Analysis, Project Management


As part of a new marketing team we had minimal systems and proccesses in place and what was there was not optimized. We had an outdated styleguide, campaign landing pages and email templates had low conversation rates with less then desirable designs. All existing marketing material had no cohesive look and feel.


Implemented an instance of Asana for project tracking. Implemented an instance of Frontify for an online styleguide and image repository. Created 4 new landing pages which through trial and error ended up improving conversation rates from 1% to 9%. Redesigned the main website and designed all marketing materials to have the same look and feel from social graphics to booth graphics.

For branding I tried a number of different design elements which included dots and line graphics to signify data, unique building imagery, color overlays on imagery some elements stuck some didn't. Eventually I started designing using triangle elements and patterns that played off the "Pyramid" theme of the company. This was visually engaging, unique to the company and became our branding.

To become more familiar with the product, I attended product training out of our Boise office. We also worked closely with the Product Marketing team on our marketing messaging and deliverables which helped us extensively to learn our product and ensure what we were putting out was accurate.

Responsive Design

All features are designed using 4 different viewports to support screensizes ranging from mobile to desktop.

< 768px Mobile   |   > 768px Tablets   |    > 992px Laptops   |   > 1200px Desktops

Pyramid Website

Main website redesign (not yet live). The 8 month project is close to being pushed live. I worked extensively with the Digital Director to figure out site requirements, review stakeholder interviews, existing analytics and competitor analysis to create a new website.




Campaign Landing Page

I created 4 new landing page designs to help with better conversations.




Email Template

Design email template based off of website design for cohesive experience.

Social Headers

Consistent header graphics across all social platforms.

Social Ads

Quote graphics have been key in improving social engagement

Tradeshow Booth Graphics

Visuals coming soon

Online Styleguide

Visuals coming soon